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Best Bee Suit brings one of the quality bee jackets for beekeeping. Beekeeping Jacket is made with one hundred% pure cotton with a gsm of 250 to keep you at ease from bee stings. You can select the veil which suits you the first-class and all veils connect to the jacket with zippers. Zipper veils maintain you a lot more comfortable than elastic veils and believe me once I say this, it’s not an amazing enjoy in case you get a bee on your jacket. We used YKK Smooth metallic zippers far greater efficient & long-lasting than Plastic Zippers. This beekeeping jacket is an ideal choice for any guy & woman who doesn’t need to go together with the whole Bee Suit. This Jacket Features four wallets at the front, You can use them to carry your beekeeping equipment and anything else your choose. Elastic stitched between cuffs & waist makes it more secure and at ease.

  • Premium quality Bee Keeping jacket for men and women made with 100% cotton.
  • YKK Smooth Stainless Metal Zippers to last longer than plastic zippers
  • Roomy 4 Front Pockets to help you carry tools & other stuff
  • 100% Pure Cotton with gsm of 250 to keep you secure
  • Comfortable & easy to wear with different veil options to choose from
  • Zipper secured veil attachment for added safety
  • One of the Best Elastic secured cuffs & waist
  • Different Color options to match your preference


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Young man's front view when wearing white Beekeeping jacket with round veil
Beekeeping Cotton Jacket

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