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Different Types Of Beekeeping Veils

beekeeping veils types

There are many things to think about before buying a bee suit. What should you look out for in a bee suit, and how can you avoid making a mistake? What types are the best? What is the most affordable? Continue reading to learn more about the process of purchasing, and we’ll also share my personal favorite.

Types of Veils

There are three basic types of beekeeping veils. Images for each one is given belowbeekeeping veils types

  1. Round
  2. Square
  3. Hoods

Round veil

The round veil provides the best visibility. However, the large brim can be cumbersome and awkward.

Square veil

The square veil is often the most affordable. The veil is made up of two parts, a hardhat as well as a mesh veil. These can be purchased separately. You can save some money by buying the veil separately and then using any hat that fits. People have used lifeguard hats. I don’t like square veils in two pieces. They are less secure and spin around on head.


Some beekeepers find the Hood veil irritating. If the design is not right, the hood could hang too low and make visibility difficult. This design also makes it difficult to see the peripheral vision. This veil is what I use, despite that. Although bee suits can be uncomfortable, you will get used to them.

Regardless of what design veil you go for, my suggestion is to go for a suit where the veil attach via zipper to body of the bee suit. Zippers are proven to be much more safe than the elastic, strings and other alternatives, plus it also makes the process of taking it on and off more easy and fast

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